Adiabatic wheel heat exchanger

Adiabatic wheel heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are devices whose primary responsibilityis the transfer (exchange) of heat, typically from one fluid to another.However, they are not only used in heating applications, such as space heaters,but are also used in cooling applications, such as refrigerators and airconditioners. Many types of heat exchangers can be distinguished from on another based on the direction the liquids flow. In such applications, the heatexchangers can be and be parallel-flow, cross-flow, or counter current. Inparallel-flow heat exchangers, both fluid involved move in the same direction,entering and exiting the exchanger side by side. In cross-flow heat exchangers,the fluid paths run perpendicular to one another. In countercurrent heatexchangers, the fluid paths flow in opposite directions, with each exitingwhere the other enters. Countercurrent heat exchangers tend to be moreeffective than other types of exchangers.


Adiabatic Wheel Heat Exchanger For Description : –

Heat exchanger is used for transferring the heat from onefluid to another. In addition to heating applications, they can also be used incooling applications, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. According tothe direction the liquids flow, heat exchangers can be divided intoparallel-flow type, cross-flow type, and countercurrent type.

Feature For Adiabatic Wheel Heat Exchanger : –

Adiabatic wheel heat exchanger is made up of a large wheelwith threads. The threads will rotate through the hot and cold fluids toextract or transfer heat. This kind of heat exchanger will employ anintermediate fluid to store heat. The heat will be transferred to the oppositeside of the exchanger unit. Adiabatic wheel heat exchanger is especially suitablewhen it is agreeable for a minimum amount of mixing to happen between the twostreams.


Adiabatic Wheel Heat Exchanger Application : –

  1. Adiabatic wheel heat exchanger can be widely used inchemical industries, such as petroleum refining and petrochemical processing
  2. This heat exchanger is useful in the food industry,such as the pasteurization of milk and the canning of processed foods
  3. In the production of power and electricity, it is alsobe helpfully.
  4. In the field of cryogenics, adiabatic wheel heatexchanger can separate low-temperature gases.
  5. These heat exchangers can be used as the workhorses inthe whole field of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning.
  6. In addition, they can be applied to nuclear reactionsystems, aircraft and space vehicles
  7. Chemical reactions or energy generation processes canbe performed inside adiabatic wheel heat exchangers.