Marine cooler


Marine cooler

Marine heat exchanger in gireesh industrial heat exchanger and heat exchanger that we present has been designed and developed in adherence with various international quality standards. Marine heat exchangers have a compact design and style of construction of the plate arrangement, which allows enhanced performance. The machine is easy to maintain and offer true value for money. We are capable of designing and fabricating our range in accordance with the specific needs of our clients.

We are specialized in the manufacturing of heat exchangers and oil coolers, including the following oil coolers

  • Engine & transmission oil coolers
  • Exhausted air to water intercoolers
  • Hydraulic Oil Coolers
  • Marine Heat Exchangers
  • DC heat exchangers
  • Fuel Coolers


  • With corrugated tubes, this marine oil cooler heat exchanger ensures high viscosity oil with good flow velocity inside of the unit.
  • These features made this marine oil cooler efficient and cost effective on water to oil cooling system.


  • High heating efficiency for oil cooling
  • Compacted size
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel 316L or titanium shell & tubes
  • Various connectors for connection

There are three methods employed for water-cooled marine petrol and diesel engines they are Direct cooling, Heat exchanger cooling and Keel cooling.

  • Direct cooling of the cylinders and heads by sea water is unsatisfactory, because the engine – which was probably originally designed for radiator cooling – will run too cold and the sea water will eventually ruin the cylinder block and heads.
  • Heat exchanger cooling is the most common method, the sea water being isolated in components which can be designed to withstand its corrosive affect. The closed fresh-water circuit can be thermostatically controlled so that the engine operates at its designed temperature.
  • Keel cooling is suitable for small boats operating in shallow weedy water, but the need for pipework external to the hull is a severe limitation